PRINT TECHNOLOGY | Inkjet Printable

SURFACE | White Inkjet

PACK SIZE | 50 Pack Spindle


CAPACITY | 8.5GB (per DVD)

WARRANTY | 2 Year Money Back Guarantee



Choose LINKYO DVD+R DL White Inkjet Hub Printable 8X Double Layer Media for An Inexpensive Yet Effective Dual Layer Blank Media Solution!

Available as 50-pack cake boxes, the LINKYO DVD+R’s are able to complete recording processes at speeds of up to 8X. And because it is made with the dual layer (DL) technology, it can archive up to 8.5GB’s worth of your digital data. Furthermore, these discs are manufactured with a white inkjet printable surface as well as a printable clear hub. This means that you can use an appropriate inkjet printer to seamlessly print a desired label or image onto the labeling side of the disc – and thanks to central hub being printable, you’ll be able to take advantage of the entire surface area of the DVD+R for your printed design.